Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 - 2017 School Supply Haul

Hey guys, I'm gonna be a freshman this year and decided to do another back to school haul. My theme was pink, black, white, and gold. Without further ado, let's get started.

This is my backpack it's by Betsey Johnson. Ain't it cute?

The 1 inch binder with polka dots is from Target, and the 1 1/2 inch binder with the pink stripe is from Office Depot.

To go in the binder, I got these gold polka dot dividers from Target and paper from Office Depot.

All the folders were from Office Depot. I chose all white and got one glittery.

From Office Depot, I got a matching glittery notebook, a gold geometric notebook and a coloring composition book. From Target, I got pink notebooks and a gold glittery notebook that says "girls run the world." I thought that was so cute.

I got index cards with a gold glittery cover and a white lace pencil bag from Office Depot.

I got colored pencils, erasers, ear buds, and a pencil sharpener.

I got mechanical pencils, Papermate flair pens, and highlighters.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy this post!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Ways To Style Adidas Superstars

Hey guys, as you know I recently got Adidas Superstars, so I thought i would show you guys some cute ways that I style them.
How To Style Adidas Superstars 1
1.) A cute striped T-shirt dress with a flannel around the waist is the perfect combination between girly and sporty. Adding a gold watch brings out the gold accents in the Adidas Superstars

How To Style Adidas Superstars 2
2.) Love Adidas? Then this outfit is for you. A bow adds a touch of femininity to a cute outfit.

How To Style Adidas Superstars 3
3.) This outfit is perfect for the girly girl, who still wants to be on trend.The gold hardware accents the gold on the Adidas.

Which outfit is your favorite? Comment down below as well as any requested posts.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adidas Superstars

Hey guys, recently I have been on the hunt for Adidas Superstars. I looked EVERYWHERE, but they were sold out. I finally found them at Finish Line or you can buy them here. I would definitely recommend getting them a half size down. I wear a size 8, but I bought a 7.5 and they fit perfect. I love these shoes!!!

This post contains affiliate links, but all posts are 100% my own.